Trigger Finger Exercises For Pain Relief

Trigger Finger Exercises For Pain Relief
Jun 2021

Trigger finger exercises –
After a hard day of work, you notice that your fingers are stuck in a bent position and are very painful. Not only does this hinder you from finishing your work, but it also makes it difficult for you to function throughout the rest of the day.

Here are a few trigger finger exercises you can try to eliminate the pain and stiffness.

What is trigger finger

Trigger finger is caused in both the fingers and thumb as well. It can affect one time or more. Mostly it can occur with the ring finger and thumb . When the thumb is involved, the condition is called “trigger thumb.”


  • pain
  • swelling
  • Finger stiffness
  • cannot straighten your finger
  • locked with finger movement

Causes for trigger finger

  • Mostly it occurs when you are frequently using finger or thumb or extreme force is applied.
  • It can be seen for job holders because they will always use they fingers.

Finger Abduction I

Hold up your hand, with your affected finger and any normal finger next to it extended. Using your thumb and forefinger of your opposite hand, press the extended fingers together. Try to separate the pressed fingers and hold that position for a few seconds before returning to the start position.

Finger Abduction II

Separate your affected finger as far from your normal finger as possible so that you form a V. Use your thumb and forefinger to press these fingers apart; try to move your affected finger and normal finger back together.


Finger Extensor Stretch

Lay your hand flat on a flat, solid surface and grab your affected finger with the other hand. Slowly lift the finger while trying to keep the others flat. Only pull back as far as is comfortable. Hold for a few seconds and then release.

Finger Stretches

Spread your fingers as wide as possible and hold for a few minutes, then close them together. Bend each of your fingers backward for a few seconds, including the thumb, to get the muscles to relax.

Finger Spread

Using a rubber band as a resistance band by placing it around your fingers pinched together. Try to move your fingers away from your thumb until the band gets tight. Repeat this a few times each day.

How trigger finger Exercise Can Help

Palm Presses

Pick up a small item and hold it in your palm. Squeeze it tightly for a few seconds, then open your hand until your fingers are spread wide. Repeat this a few times.

“O” Exercise

This is one of the easier trigger finger exercises out there. Bring your affected finger to your thumb to form an “O,” hold it for 5 seconds, and then straighten it. Repeat this at least 10 times, twice a day.

Tendon Gliding

Spread your fingers wide and bend your fingers until they touch the top of your palm. Extend then bend them until they touch the middle of your palm. Repeat, and then touch the bottom of your palm. Touch each fingertip with your thumb, and then different areas of your palm.

Object Pickups

Place an assortment of small items onto a table. Pick up one item with your affected finger and thumb and move it to the opposite side of the table. Continue until all the objects have been moved.

Towel Grasp

Place a small towel in the palm of your hand. Use your fingers to try and scrunch it into the smallest ball you can make. Squeeze on it for a few seconds, then slowly straighten your fingers. Repeat a few times.

Don’t forget to give your hands some self-care too outside of these trigger finger exercises by massaging your hands and fingers on a regular basis, especially your affected fingers. This will get the muscles to loosen up to minimize stiffness as well as pain.