Do You Know These 5 Celebrities Who Suffer from Migraines? Here Are Their Stories

Do You Know These 5 Celebrities Who Suffer from Migraines? Here Are Their Stories
Sep 2018

When one suffers from migraines, they tend to feel alone as others, even doctors, sometimes disregard the severity of their ailment. However, the important thing to remember is that there are people out there who do understand what it’s like. In fact, over a billion individuals around the world suffer from migraines.

Just in the celebrity world, there are hundreds who suffer from migraines, including the following:

  • Ben Affleck

While he’s a successful actor and filmmaker, Ben Affleck has had debilitating migraine headaches over the years. Back in 2006 when Affleck was directing Gone, Baby, Gone, a migraine attack sent him to the hospital on Memorial Day.

Affleck finds that when he has a busy schedule, he doesn’t sleep much, and he is always on the go. As a result, this tends to bring on his attacks. That said, he says an important part of preventing migraines is getting plenty of rest and slowing down.

  • Serena Williams

According to professional tennis player, Serena Williams, she’s been suffering with chronic migraines for years. In fact, it took her five years of suffering before she even spoke out about her migraine journey. She stated that while she may seem fine while playing in a competition, being in the sun with a migraine significantly affects her overall performance.

Williams has been taking migraine medication for a while to aid with her menstrual migraines. Medication does not erase the tennis player’s migraines, but it does help reduce the intensity of her pain.

  • Hugh Jackman

Australian actor, producer, and singer, Hugh Jackman, frequently deals with migraines that leave him nauseous. In fact, Jackman had to cancel a meetup with Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, because he was having a migraine attack that left him vomiting. Jackman had moment where he had to charge off stage in the midst of performing due to a bad migraine.

  • Carly Simon

Carly Simon may be an American singer and songwriter, as well as a Grammy award winner, but she too has had migraines. Having suffered from a young age, Simon would intentionally try to act and appear calm around her friends, so they wouldn’t know she was suffering.

To aid with her recurring headaches, Simon has made several lifestyle changes. She gets at least eight hours of sleep each night, avoids coffee and alcohol, and refuses to smoke. While this doesn’t prevent migraines, it helps reduce the frequency of her migraines.

  • Janet Jackson

Unfortunately, American singer Janet Jackson is also a victim of migraines, specifically, vestibular migraines. In 2008, she had to cancel multiple shows to rest as she was suffering with severe head pain and vertigo. Vestibular migraines can also consist of a spinning sensation, light and sound sensitivity, nausea and vomiting, and trouble balancing.


While over a billion suffer with chronic migraines, many tend to suffer silently. Thus, it is hard for a migraine sufferer to feel that they aren’t an outcast. Next time you’re feeling like you’re the only one suffering with migraines, remember the celebrities who also suffer with such. Knowing that you’re not alone is a great coping mechanism to help you power through your struggle.