How to get rid of neck fat: Here are 10 tips

How to get rid of neck fat: Here are 10 tips
May 2022
How to get rid of neck fat

If you have struggled to know how to get rid of neck fat, keep reading as we present 10 efficient exercises to lose neck fat. Let’s begin.

Who doesn’t want a lovely neck, yet sagging and obese areas always dampen the mood? The muscle between the jaw and collarbone accumulates fat, which looks like a chin below the chin (double chin). Maintaining a good posture to avoid aggravating the condition with some exercise is necessary. If you are eager to know how to get rid of neck fat, you’ve come to the perfect place. 

What is neck fat?

An unsightly accumulation of fat around the neck and chin is referred to as “neck fat.” Submental fat is the precise term for this kind of fat, and it is often linked to weight gain. In addition, double chins are sometimes referred to as fat necks because of the several layers of neck fat rolls that form when someone suffers from this illness.

What causes neck fat?

Many variables contribute to fat accumulation around the neck, but recognizing them helps discover solutions. For example, with age comes the loss of elasticity, which produces sagging skin and a double chin.

A double chin is likely if a family history of double chins or sagging skin. Obesity may not directly affect neck fat, but it may contribute to it. Finally, posture is essential for maintaining one’s muscles. If they don’t modify their stance, the skin around their neck and chin loses elasticity, causing a double chin.

Tips on how to get rid of neck fat


When you eat more veggies, your body fat will be reduced. When you lose weight, the fat around your neck will also go away. Whether steamed or grilled, vegetables should be a regular part of your diet, and they should appear in each meal.


Cardio activities or exercise may help calorie burn, and When exercising in the presence of others, some individuals find that they become more motivated. It is essential to exercise at least three times a week for the most excellent outcomes.

Stay hydrated

Getting adequate water is critical to staying healthy. It aids in the correct functioning of your body’s systems and provides increased protection against sickness with a bit of neck exercise.

As a side benefit, moisturized skin looks and feels tighter and more youthful. Make a point of drinking no less than 2 liters of water every day or more if you exercise or sweat a lot! When it comes to losing weight, drinking enough water will also help you keep your hunger at bay.

Strength gain exercises

The most efficient strategy to reduce weight is to exercise every day, regardless of where the fat is located on the body. You can rely on exercise to help you lose fat no matter where you are in your weight loss journey.


Hand massage exercise strokes on the neck may also help reduce neck fat and double chin. First, find a quiet place to rest and unwind. Then, start by putting your index and middle fingers just below your jawline, at the base of your thumb. You should now feel a little resistance as you draw your fingers forward. Hold for 10 seconds, then relax. Do this exercise multiple times to enhance your neck’s skin, muscles, and fat.

Neck and Jawline tilts

This exercise helps decrease neck fat and improve shoulder blood circulation.

Set your feet wide apart at first. Stretch your neck by rotating it clockwise. Be careful not to extend your neck too far back or forth until you become accustomed to it. Keep your shoulders still. Rep this exercise 20x clockwise and 20x anticlockwise.


Yoga is a natural exercise that may help you naturally get rid of fine wrinkles and fat on your face! Remember that yoga asanas may allow you to acquire young skin. In addition, they improve blood circulation and muscular power. Here are the workouts to achieve the perfect jawline.

Herbal remedies

There are various natural ways other than exercise to get the answer on how to get rid of neck fat. You may, for example, try some natural therapies that have worked in the past. On the internet, or at your local supermarket, or health food store. They are ingested and have no adverse effects. If taking supplements doesn’t work, try an alternative medical treatment. 

Chew gums

Many people chew gum as a face exercise, and the most significant part is that it helps get rid of a double chin in many ways, and chewing gum frequently is like working out the facial muscles, particularly the jaw. Also, imagining chewing gum in one’s mouth helps one feel better about their meal choices and prevents cravings—the best and easy exercise to get rid of neck fat.

Cosmetic procedures

An expert in cosmetic surgery may suggest neck liposuction, a facelift, or a mixture of the two to eliminate your double chin. There is no one particular double chin surgery but various procedures that may remove extra fat and tighten neck skin to produce a firmer, more prominent chin and neck region.

Additional tips

Blow air

It is one of the most efficient exercises to reduce neck fat and flabbiness, and it works wonders for muscles in the cheeks and neck region, giving them a slimmer appearance. Sit in a postural chair with your spine straight and neck towards the ceiling.

Pull your lips

You should extend your lower jaw and elevate your lower lip to make a V-shape for this exercise. In addition, it may make you seem younger by lifting your facial muscles and reducing the amount of fat around your neck.

Use sunscreen regularly

The neck fat lines are part of what makes it so visible. They are challenging to eradicate unless the underlying causes are addressed. Fortunately, sunscreen is a low-cost item that may help you lose weight and improve your posture. Try doing some exercise for better and fast results.

Apply a 20 SPF sunscreen on your face and neck every day. This simple move will prevent neck wrinkles from developing, making neck fat less visible. Plus, sunscreen has extra advantages, including enhancing skin texture.


Surgery to reduce or eliminate a double chin might make you seem younger and leaner. However, it is possible to sculpt the region, eliminate extra fat, and soften the skin by using the techniques. – Surgery, on the other hand, is not without danger.