Modern Age Ailments: 5 Negative Consequences a Sedentary Lifestyle Can Have on Your Health

Modern Age Ailments: 5 Negative Consequences a Sedentary Lifestyle Can Have on Your Health
Sep 2018

The technological age we presently find ourselves in is both a blessing and a curse. We are able to talk to people on the other side of the world with the press of a button and are able to stay up to date on what our friends are up to. However, even in the workplace, we find ourselves spending more and more time sitting at a computer for 8 or more hours. While this increases productivity, there are some significant negative side effects on our health when strictly living a sedentary lifestyle. Here are 5 negative consequences of having the life that is mostly sedentary

Decreased Muscle Mass

You need to be active in order to have strong muscles. When you become sedentary your muscles are not able to easily maintain their mineral content, which leads to a decrease in overall muscle mass.

Increased Chance of Obesity

The less you move, the less you are burning calories. Calories in, calories out is the most reliable method for weight loss. If the calories you are consuming is greater than the calories you are burning, you will gain weight. You need to be active in order to burn off any excess calories. Even adding an hour of walking to your day can reduce weight gain.

Depression and Anxiety

A lack of physical activity has been shown to contribute to depression and anxiety. Getting out of the house and moving regularly can help to regulate your mood and will even relieve stress.

Higher Risk of a Heart Attack

A lack of physical activity has been linked to many heart-related issues such as cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. People who are regularly sedentary have the highest risk of having a heart attack. Adding regular exercise to your life you can reduce the risk of a heart attack significantly.

Higher Risk for Certain Types of Cancer

Studies have shown that people who are less active have a higher likelihood of getting certain types of cancer. Typically, it increases the risk for colon cancer and breast cancer. Leading a more active lifestyle can decrease your chances of cancer by 40%.

While our jobs may require us to sit for hours per day, it is important to make time for exercise on a regular basis. Finding ways to move throughout the day may not be easy, but it could drastically improve your quality of life. Some things you can do to add movement to your day could be parking a little bit farther away and walking into the office. Another thing you can do is taking the stairs when you have an opportunity to. Take advantage of your weekends by using those days as days to be more active. You can even use these opportunities to arrange active outings with your friends and family, turning them into the fun social outings as well as the way to be more healthy.