Nerve Damage Warning: Read All About Hydralazine Side Effects Here

Nerve Damage Warning: Read All About Hydralazine Side Effects Here
Jan 2021

Common effects of medicine come in several different categories. While the majority of effects can be minimal, there are some which create brand new issues. It’s important to be aware of hydralazine side effects so that professionals can better counteract the symptoms. 


Headaches naturally come and go, but hydralazine may make certain headaches consistent. Try to stay away from taking over the counter medication to deal with headaches until you talk to a professional. Aspirin or similar medicines can clash with hydralazine dosages

Chest Pain

Chest pain can range from feeling uncomfortable to not being able to breathe. During a prolonged period of chest pain, you can develop a panic attack. Individuals with a history of high blood pressure will have the hardest time with this side effect. 

Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations can sometimes feel like a heart attack or stroke are starting up. Although harmless in short spurts, heart palpitations should not be ignored. As a hydralazine side effect, chest pains can lead into heart palpitations, and eventually panic attacks. 


Minor or aggressive diarrhea can turn a pleasant day into a long one. If hydralazine causes diarrhea, then it is important to temporarily switch your diet up. Spicy, fried and dairy foods will only cause the condition to worsen. Diarrhea can be taken care of in a single day with a little bit of planning. 


Being nauseous slows you down and destroys your appetite. As a result, individuals will feel weak throughout the day when dealing with nausea. Nausea can sometimes pair with diarrhea, leading to dehydration. This combination of minor side effects can cause serious long-term problems when untreated. 

Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite is a small problem when caused by hydralazine. It only becomes serious when the loss of appetite turns into anorexia. An individual that is already lacking daily nutrients will find it difficult to deal with this side effect. Since it takes time to develop into something serious, loss of appetite can be dealt with as it happens.  

Nerve Problems

If nerve problems happen while taking hydralazine, then reach out to a professional. Nerve damage is one of the more serious side effects of taking the drug. Numbness and tingling are potential feelings when you have nerve damage in your hands or feet. Other warnings include itching and prickling on your skin. 


Anxiety can freeze an individual in their tracks, even when they’re prepared. Anxiety is at its worst when the affected individual is already suffering from other mental health issues like depression. Anxiety is a side effect that piles on with other conditions to make them harder to manage. If you’re currently taking drugs for mental health, then professionals need to know this information before prescribing hydralazine. 

Wrap Up

All side effects should be tended to, whether small or large. Hydralazine is meant to help, not harm the person that is taking the drug. Don’t brush off side effects as a minor inconvenience, and you’ll have a much better time taking hydralazine.