Accidents Happen Any Time: Stay Safe and Know Where to go in an Emergency

Accidents Happen Any Time: Stay Safe and Know Where to go in an Emergency
Sep 2018

A dental emergency can take place without notice at anytime and anywhere. It’s not the sort of event that one can predict in advance, but when it does happen you don’t want to be thinking and waiting too long wondering what to do. There are certain dental problems that could be called a dental emergency, some of which happen all of a sudden in an accident of some type while others occur totally unpredicted even if you regularly visit your dentist for the twice yearly check-up.

Why you need to see an emergency dentist

The sorts of events that could happen to your teeth include a sudden toothache that despite brushing, flossing and rinsing doesn’t go away. It could be a small cavity that quite quickly grows out of proportion and may even need a root canal. It could also be gum disease, which may cause gum recession. If this happens on a weekend it is probably better to call a Sunday dentist rather than take time off work to do so. There is always someone available to see patients on a Sunday if the reason is urgent.  A lost filling can be very painful and if it’s stopping you from sleeping, you will need to do something about it. Other dental problems that may require attention are broken or loose braces. This problem will need the services of an orthodontist.

Damaging a tooth playing sports

Playing sports seems to be one of the key causes of tooth damage to adults according to the American Dental Association. This happens in athletics and even in a backyard game of basketball which, if it gets a bit out of hand, can lead to somebody damaging a tooth or somebody knocking out a player’s tooth. It’s not just adults that are affected but children too. The sorts of damage that could happen include a broken or chipped tooth, a tooth knocked out completely or a gum, cheek or tongue injury.

An auto accident may damage a tooth

Aside from sports, car accidents cause serious injuries to the teeth. There is no doubt that the enamel which is the outer layer of your teeth is quite strong and can take biting and cutting into some quite large and hard morsels of food. However, when it comes to the impact from an auto accident anything could happen and if you hit your mouth hard all of a sudden don’t expect to escape without some tooth damage. If you have lost a tooth you may need to see a dentist who can make a quick decision about what to do.

Don’t leave an infected tooth untreated

Infection in a tooth can take place amazingly quickly with you running for the painkillers as the pain grows. It might have happened when bacteria managed to squeeze through into a tiny unnoticeable cavity and caused an infection. This sort of infliction should not be left untreated and it gives good reason for seeking help from a dentist after hours.