Coronavirus Becomes a Global Issue: 4 Dos and Don’ts of Preparing for It

Coronavirus Becomes a Global Issue: 4 Dos and Don’ts of Preparing for It
May 2020

With the onset of the coronavirus, people aren’t sure how to protect themselves. There is plenty of misinformation out there that makes it difficult to determine the fact from the fiction. To make it easier for yourself, here are 4 dos and 4 don’ts to stick to when preparing for it in your area.

Wash Your Hands

This tip is definitely true. You should wash your hands as often as possible whenever you leave your home or you come into contact with a sick person. It’s recommended that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and to get between your fingers as well. Use soap and water, or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content to really kill any germs that may be on your hands. Always use them before touching your face, after using the bathroom, or before cooking/eating.

Learn the Symptoms

A large percentage of those who are infected never show symptoms, so it’s hard to tell who should be isolated from whom. Instead, here is a list of symptoms you should be on the lookout for fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath.

Reconsider Travel Plans

Even if you made them several months ago, it’s best to cancel your travel plans and stay home. Traveling out of your state or even out of the country will only increase your risk of becoming infected. Most travel agencies are only allowing essential travel.

Practice Self-Isolation

The best thing you can do for yourself and everyone else is to stay at home and quarantine yourself in your home. Most health organizations have stated that a period of 14 days of quarantine is required, so that means you’ll need to stock up on food since you shouldn’t be leaving your home to get groceries.

Don’t Wear a Mask

It’s not recommended to purchase a face mask unless you’re sick. Wearing one when you’re healthy won’t do much to stop you from getting it, but once you’re infected, it can stop the spread of the virus. People have been panic-purchasing the face masks to the point that they are in shortage.

Don’t Touch Orifices

Don’t touch your hands, nose, or mouth before you’ve washed your hands. These mucus membranes are the easiest ways to transmit diseases from dirty hands, so keep them away from your face until you’ve sterilized them with soap or hand sanitizer.

Don’t Go Out Except To Your Doctor

You shouldn’t be going outside unless you start to experience symptoms. Even then, you should call first to make an appointment and inform them of your concerns about being infected. Avoid public transportation as much as you can to reduce the risk of making other people sick.

Don’t Panic

The risk of actually becoming infected is very low, and even then, you’re not likely to experience any symptoms. Take precautions as best you can and keep a level head about you so that you’re not falling into the traps of panic-purchasing everything around you.

It can be easy to lose your head with the pandemic that’s going on, but as long as you practice common sense, you’ll get through this okay.