Helping Your Immune System: 5 Natural Flu Remedies to Try at Home

Helping Your Immune System: 5 Natural Flu Remedies to Try at Home
Dec 2020

Your body will reward you for taking care of it. But when the flu strikes, anything can happen. That is why natural flu remedies come recommended as a safe way to keep your health in check. Instead of getting in the way of the bodies natural flu reaction, these remedies reward a healthy lifestyle. 

1. Sleep

When the body is well rested, it has a better chance of a speedy recovery. You can’t get over the flu if your sleep schedule is erratic. Without your body going into a low power state, it is vulnerable to even more sickness. And while you’re trying to get through a day without being fully charged, your mind and body will make unfortunate mistakes. Stay well rested before and after contracting the flu. 

2. Honey

Honey is used in many of the leading cold products in the world. It is a natural cough suppressant, and can soothe your sore throat when it gets irritated. When you have a cough that just won’t go away, menthol infused products numb the throat for temporary relief. But when honey is used right, it can provide similar benefits without the weird aftertaste. Choose your honey wisely, as off brand products may not contain the same benefits as all-natural honey. 

3. Probiotics

Probiotics provide a natural boost to your immune system. When your body is ready to fight the flu, then the side effects of the condition will be a lot less overwhelming. Probiotics can be ingested in pill form, or with foods like sauerkraut or yogurt. Foods that are rich in probiotics will list their benefits on the label. Don’t pass them up, as they are one of the best defenses to fighting the flu. 

4. Bone Broth

If you’re familiar with chicken soup, then bone broth shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Over the years, chicken soup for the flu has morphed into some fascinating recipes. It’s not meant to be a fancy meal, and it is not meant to have a load of sodium. Bone broth keeps things basic, and avoids ingredients that can irritate the stomach of someone with the flu. Bone broth has anti-inflammatory amino acids and vitamins that are essential in the fight against the flu. 

5. Epsom Salt Bath

When you wash the sheets and blanket of someone with the flu, an Epsom salt bath should be the follow-up. Hours turn to days when you’re sick, and it isn’t uncommon to spend those days in a single spot. An Epsom salt bath provides a nice change of scenery that renews your body with a natural detoxifying agent. It’s relaxing, and can really change the entire mood of a bad flu day. 

Wrap Up

When it comes to options for the flu, you can never have too many. Flu season is long, and there is no telling when it will take hold of your body. Stay healthy the natural way, and this uninvited guest will go away in due time.