Say Goodbye to Flakiness: 8 Awesome Home Remedies for Dandruff

Say Goodbye to Flakiness: 8 Awesome Home Remedies for Dandruff
Mar 2021

When your scalp is in bad condition, dandruff becomes an everyday occurrence. Nothing lowers your confidence more than having tiny flakes falling off of your head. When you don’t want to break the bank, home remedies for dandruff come to the rescue. It is a frugal option that will get your health back on track. 

1. Green Tea

Green tea is good for your skin and digestive system. With its strong antifungal properties, you can also depend on it to get rid of dandruff. Applying cooled green tea to your scalp gets rid of dandruff while relieving any itchiness from dandruff side effects. 

2. Neem Juice

Neem juice is that magical ingredient that you’ll find in a lot of brand name shampoos. You can purchase neem juice to make your own dandruff cure. Neem leaves need to be crushed into a paste before being applied to a scalp. It’s not messy, and leaves behind a pleasant smell. 

3. Coconut Oil with Lemon

With the help of lemon, coconut oil is a powerful dandruff deterrent. Coconut oil by itself has the nourishment skin and hair need to stay strong. So even if you weren’t using it as a preventative measure, coconut oil combined with lemon can be the final solution. It’s one of the easiest, non-messy ways to get rid of dandruff. 

4. Egg Yolk

An egg yolk isn’t the most ideal way to get of dandruff, but it works. When no other ingredient is available in your household, the yolk of an egg will get rid of dandruff. This is one of the more involved home remedies when it comes to getting rid of dandruff. Once applied, it needs to stay in for an hour. 

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great ingredient for cooking that doubles as a natural remedy for dandruff. Remember to add an equal amount of water to it before mixing so that the solution is diluted. A gentle massage with the finished mixture will leave your head soothed, but smelly. In about half an hour, you can rinse it out and to get rid of the excessive vinegar smell. 

6. Curd

Like egg yolks, curd tends to be messy and unpleasant. But the results are undeniable if you’re willing to put up with the preparation. Once applied, leave in for an hour before rinsing it out with some shampoo. 

7. Orange Peel

An orange peel gets rid of dandruff while leaving behind a pleasant smell. For an extra effect, grind the peel in a blender with lemon juice. The resulting mix will make your scalp feel fresh and fantastic. 

8. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are meant for preventative measures. This method is also useful if you’re in the beginning stages of dandruff. Set the seeds to soak overnight and then mash them into a fine paste. Apply it to your scalp for half an hour, and then remove when ready. 

Wrap Up

The right home remedy will completely change how you approach dandruff. Don’t allow the problem to get out of control, or you run the risk of a serious health issue. Manage your scalp properly, and dandruff will never leave the ‘minor annoyance’ category.