Treating High Blood Pressure: How Bystolic Side Effects Impact Your System

Treating High Blood Pressure: How Bystolic Side Effects Impact Your System
Jan 2021

Living with high blood pressure for too long will put you in a vulnerable position. Bystolic are is one of the remedies used to get your system back on track. If this has been presented to you as an option, then it is important to understand Bystolic side effects. To gain better health, you need to be prepared for any one of these side effects. 


When you get a headache, it may be instinct to reach for the aspirin. If you’re taking Bystolic, then that may not be the best idea. Check with your doctor before mixing medications, especially when it is something as strong as aspirin. Headaches pass with time, and are usually short lived as a mere annoyance. This is especially true if Bystolic is the cause of said headache. 


As your body gets used to Bystolic, tiredness and fatigue may set in. As a beta blocker, Bystolic treats blood pressure in a very complex way. Getting tired isn’t a bad thing since it leads to sleep. When you’re sleeping, your body is in a low power state. This helps with regeneration, and with rebuilding your immune system. If tiredness is a side effect, then listen to your body and go to sleep. 

Slow Heartbeat

A slow heartbeat can sometimes be mistaken for heart palpitations. It can also lead to anxiety or panic attacks when you’re aware that it is happening. No matter the situation, you should always be aware of any chest pains or heart issues. Bystolic is used to help with high blood pressure, one of the leading causes of heart disease. It’s important to be aware but not panic when you notice a slow heartbeat. Give it time to pass so that you know whether or not it is a side effect. If a slow heartbeat lingers (or has other problems associated with it) then seek medical attention. 

Stomach Pain

Stomach pain can be exacerbated if you stick to your pre-Bystolic diet. High carb, spicy, high sodium or dairy infused foods will be the hardest on your stomach. Moderation is the key, but it’s also important to cut certain things out completely. If Bystolic has to constantly fight with your high blood pressure during bad meals, then stomach pain is a high concern. If your doctor has you on a specific food plan with Bystolic, then that means the food you eat is just as important as he medicine. 


Insomnia is an interesting side effect if you’re also suffering from tiredness. Having both of these side effects at the same time is manageable by following a bedtime routine. When Bystolic causes insomnia and tiredness, practice consistency at bedtime. A warm drink, a snack, or even relaxing music can completely change the mood. Find what gets you in the mood to sleep and turn it into your nightly routine. 

Wrap Up

There is no guarantee that you will have any side effects at all when taking Bystolic. But being prepared will put you in a better position to deal with any adverse issues during your daily life. Take your treatment, and spend your free time worrying about the important things in life.