One Cup a Day: Fat-Burning and 10 Other Science-Backed Green Tea Benefits

One Cup a Day: Fat-Burning and 10 Other Science-Backed Green Tea Benefits
Oct 2020

There are pros and cons to many popular diets that consumers have to account for. When you are missing nutritional goals while dieting, supplements like green tea will help. But green tea benefits go far beyond supplements and has become an important part of any healthy routine. After being used as a medicine for thousands of years, green tea has added dieting to its long list of benefits.

1. Proven

Green tea has been propped up by doctors and scientists. This isn’t some cure-all medicine, but a natural way to keep your body and mind in balance. It can be used with diets, or as a casual drink while relaxing. 

2. Anti-Viral

Green tea contains Tea catechins, an important antibacterial, and antiviral agent. This helps slow the spread of many diseases, from minor to major cases. Slowing down an infection helps your body recover in a much safer manner. 

3. Weight Loss

The best benefit of green tea is that it slows down your metabolism. As a side effect, it quickens the rate at which your body turns food into calories. If you exercise, this has a lot of potentials to improve your overall diet. 

4. Available as Noncaffeinated

You can get the health benefits of green tea by opting for the non-caffeinated version. This helps out individuals that are sensitive to caffeine or prefer to avoid it entirely. If your current health conditions prevent caffeine, then noncaffeinated green tea is the way to go. 

5. Safe for Diabetics

Glucose levels become more balanced when you include green tea in your diet. If you like drinking tea, there are several sugar substitutes that are diabetic friendly. You’ll get the same sweet taste without missing out on the health benefits.

6. Good for The Skin

A lot of green tea skincare videos have popped up over the years. This is no coincidence and points to the strong anti-inflammatory properties of green tea. Big brands have started including green tea extract in many of their popular skincare products. 

7. Doesn’t Affect Blood Pressure

The non-caffeinated version of green tea is good for your blood pressure. Regular consumption can make blood levels more balanced. For some people, this is the difference between prehypertension and hypertension. 

8. Comes in Many Forms

Not everyone likes the taste of green tea. You can get the same benefits from green tea powder or pills. Green tea soft gels are available, but quality varies by brand. 

9. Helps Your Smile

Tooth decay is a huge issue affecting millions worldwide. Brushing and flossing help, but you can further protect teeth with the chemical antioxidant catechin. Green tea contains this, and can actively fight to keep your mouth clean. 

10. Calms

Chamomile and lavender tea are popular choices for relieving stress. Green tea should also be included in that group, especially if you go for the non-caffeinated version. Add green tea to your stress relief choices to give your taste buds some excitement.  

Wrap Up

You don’t have to like tea to enjoy its benefits. Any diet can be enhanced by green tea, so make sure to work it into your daily routine. No matter how healthy you are, there is always something extra that can get you across the finish line.